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The Tepozan distillery was the created by Agave growers specifically for the distillation of their estate grown agave. They began planting agave more than two decades ago on their the family's land with a dream to create a true farm to glass tequila. The distillery was built above a deep water well in the southern Highlands town of San Julian.

The Tepozan tequila is a product of place. The distillery is one of the few that can afford to use properly mature agave because they are own the land and the plants themselves. Cooked in above ground clay ovens over steam, a process that takes many days to complete. Fermentation in open top steel tanks with native yeast and distilled twice on small pot stills. No additives of any kind, beyond the addition of H2O, and bottled by hand. The Blanco is clean and full of fruity agave flavors with hints of roasted cucurbits and subtle earthy spice.

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