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Booker Noe loved bourbon for its character and craft. He loved what it could mean and what it could be. So he created Basil Hayden Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey – distilled to showcase everything great about bourbon while remaining inviting and approachable. Basil Hayden is a light, inviting Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey created by Master Distiller Frederick “Booker” Noe to showcase the depth and breadth of what a bourbon could be. It offers something to love for everyone, from bourbon lovers to those taking their first sip. Basil Hayden presents a unique take on bourbon, while adhering to the spirit’s most authentic roots and richest traditions. It’s made with a high-rye mash bill and bottled at 80 proof, giving it a light yet complex flavor with the perfect balance of spicy-smooth and sweet. Basil Hayden is ideally served in light aperitif-style sipping cocktails that complement the spice and versatility of the liquid. It can also be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.


  • Depart from Ordinary Bourbon. Stylish Bottle, Premium Liquid.
  • Enjoy the Unexpected Taste of Premium Straight Kentucky Bourbon.
  • Unique Small Batch Bourbon. Depart from Ordinary Bourbon.
  • Subtly Spiced & Smooth.
  • Treat Yourself to an Old Fashioned Made with Premium Bourbon Whiskey.
  • Treat Yourself to a Classic Drink Made with Premium Bourbon Whiskey.
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